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Kitesurf Magazine: French-Mexican Adventure

Kitesurf Magazine from France is the first kitesurfing publication in the world, having been in circulation since late 1990’s, when this new extreme sport first went mainstream. Every year Hugo Badaroux, the magazine’s editor-in-chief, chooses a different country to conduct new kiteboarding gear tests and to explore new international locations suitable for riding. For 2011, the location of choice was Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico and the magazine team based itself in Tulum for a month of fun in the sun. In collaboration with local kiteboarding school Ocean Pro Kite, the magazine’s crew and riders (including French female racing champion Caroline Adrien) explored spots in and around Tulum, Sian Ka’an, Xel-Ha, Punta Allen, Cancun, Isla Holbox and Rio Lagartos. The results and opinions of the French-Mexican kitesurfing adventure will be published in the magazine’s special 2011 Tests issue.

 (Anna Fishkin) (Anna Fishkin)
 (Anna Fishkin) (Anna Fishkin)
 (Anna Fishkin)Kitesurfing, Tulum, Mexico (Anna Fishkin)
Fun&Fly + Kitesurf Mag, Kitesurfing in Rio Lagartos, Yucatan, Mexico (Anna Fishkin)Fun&Fly + Kitesurf Mag, Kitesurfing in Rio Lagartos, Yucatan, Mexico (Anna Fishkin)Fun&Fly + Kitesurf Mag, Kitesurfing in Rio Lagartos, Yucatan, Mexico (Anna Fishkin) (Anna Fishkin)Kitesurfing, Tulum, Mexico (Anna Fishkin)Fun & Fly Kitesurfing, Tulum, Mexico (Anna Fishkin) (Anna Fishkin)Fun&Fly + Kitesurf Mag, Kitesurfing in Rio Lagartos, Yucatan, Mexico (Anna Fishkin)

4 Responses to “Kitesurf Magazine: French-Mexican Adventure”

  1. For the first picture displayed, is that on the coast of Mexico? It looks gorgeous.

  2. David James says:

    A few years ago I went to Mexico to kite it was a great experience.
    Tulum was amazing very cool spot, lots of wind at the right time of year. Ilsa Branca in Cancun was a good lagoon to kite too, watch out for sting rays, ouch.
    I kited across to Isla Mulhers, open crossing by myself, was further than it looked, nothing went wrong but better to do this in a group, just in case.
    I left from my hotel, Temptation resort, nice place, great food, but sketchy launch for kiteboarders. Need to watch out for the windsurfers and the large party cruisers in an on-shore wind area. But if you are interdiate or better, its more than possible.

    Next adventure took me to Brasil or Brazil depending on where you’re from.
    I started in Fortaleza, international airport and headed up the coast. I found a huge lagoon/river that is protected from the ocean waves, making it a great place to learn to kiteboard or practice your new kite tricks. This place is growing, and only a few people know about this spot. On busy days, there are still 1/2 as many kiters here than in other nearby spots of Paracuruc or Jericoacoara, both great spots to see and kite. Only problem is a Dutch developer has created a website that claims it is “Official website for Ilha do Guajiru”, well…its not, please be aware that the sites goal is to sell land, not find you affordable accommodations or kiteboarding lessons. I do not recommend this site for bookings or information since its highly exaggerated and outdated.

    There is many good pousadas, hotels,in Ilha do Guajiru, the best one is at Windy, it has a kiteschool and restaurant as well as a great common area to hang out in with hammocks, darts, books, fusebol and cold beer! The rooms are new and being renovated to be even bigger, I am told. Definitely check these guys out if you are going to kiteboard in Brasil and looking for a good package price.

    The next adventure…who knows, hope to see you there.

  3. Yes it looks gorgeous. I’ve never been to Mexico, but i wish one day i will 🙂 This is what is great with kitesurf : so many great spots to ride !

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