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Filming a documentary in Peru

Dear friends of my work, I’m pleased to present the preview demo of my new documentary film project in Peru. This story about indigenous Machiguenga people of Manú National Park has preoccupied my mind and heart during all of past year and I hope you watch, share and support our efforts to give these communities a voice. Together we can spread the word and raise awareness to ensure that ancient legacy of Amazonian plant knowledge survives and thrives into the future. Enormous gratitude goes to all currently involved in the project and those who continue to inspire its further evolution.

First part of the story you see in the trailer was shot in Manú National Park during spring of 2015. Next stage in our project’s evolution is to raise funds for 2nd production trip in Peru to visit uncontacted tribal communities and go deeper. Ultimately, we envision this to be a multi-media project which will include music album, photography exhibition and VR experience.

Please help us get this project made. Stay tuned for upcoming Kickstarter campaign and for more information visit our website –

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