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Movida Maya: Teaching Photography Workshop

Photography Workshop ‘Images and Identity’

When Tulum’s local NGO Movida Maya invited me to lead the ‘Images and Identity’ photography workshop with Mayan teenagers in Mexico’s indigenous fringe community Chumpón, Quintana Roo, I was humbled because the reality of these kids’ daily life challenges made my own current problems fade in comparison. Yet as soon as we started to spend time together walking around the village and exploring it through photos, I felt incredible connection with the kids because I myself happen to be a time capsule from a culture that no longer exists. I vividly remembered my own struggles with identity and striving to make sense of who I was in the face of globalization despite (and because!) of my roots. I also remembered how my hunger to change careers and become a photographer actually originated from the desire to communicate subtle inner experiences for which I couldn’t find words in any language.


Photography exhibition: ‘My community, My identity’

One month later we were delighted to learn that Tulum’s 1st Arts & Culture festival – ART WITH ME – proposed to organize a sponsored exhibition “My Community, My Identity” with my portraits from the workshop in Chumpón. The event was beautiful and we extend enormous gratitude to all who attended and supported from afar. What a way to raise awareness about Movida Maya and their crucial youth-empowerment programs inside local indigenous communities. To learn more and support please follow this link.


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