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As a photographer, writer and explorer of the world, I am continuously inspired by dynamic changes in the sky, people who do what they love and places I discover along my journey. In all my projects I like to study patterns in space and time, searching to reveal the generally unnoticed complexity and purpose living inside natural events, especially when observed over extended intervals. These visual experiments tend to fit into the larger scope of my work, where I like to explore such ideas as relativity and relatedness between individual and environment, and specifically how they contribute to formation of identity. My particular interest in concept of time began when I was five.

I grew up in Minsk, Belarus, and was educated in the former Soviet Union and United States. University years at UW-Madison and Columbia College were followed by a decade-long graphic design career in Chicago. Next, modest exploration of acting and self-revealing creative writing courses at University of Chicago led to a graduation from commercial life and a subsequent move to Mexico.

Currently based in New York City and Tulum, I travel all over the world and especially in Mexico, where my goal is to gain a deeper understanding of the country’s incredibly complex collective psychology, from its roots in ancient pre-Columbian cultures to its relationship with modern human experience.